Discovery quality design with our Toowong architects

From the Botanical Gardens to the Brisbane River, there are many prospects in Toowong architects can work with regardless of the location.

This vibrant suburb of Brisbane is a marvellous location to build your own home in a contemporary style that will fit its surroundings and contribute to the sophisticated community that calls Toowong its home.

If you are seeking a place to create your own bespoke paradise there are not many places that give a greater variety of resources and facilities. Located just five kilometres from Brisbane’s bustling CBD, Toowong has accessibility, to urban and rural Queensland alike.


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Award Winning Toowong Architects

To get the most out of your location and to create the most organic impact on the local built environment Toowong architects will impart local knowledge as well as the highest standard of practice in the industry to your project. Whether you wish to rehabilitate an existing building to your own personal tastes or to start afresh with a modernist concept best express your lifestyle and personality.

Award winning Toowong architects Loucas Zahos is the source for unique and imaginative creations that encapsulate your character, personality and values. The firm has been repeatedly been recognised by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects for a diverse range of projects that stand across the country and the world. This celebrity within the industry is boosted by as many awards again, from around the community and outside the built environment. Loucas Zahos will capture and release your aspects into your legacy on the landscape.


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Queensland Has The Best Of Australia

Loucas Zahos Architects are residential architecture and design specialists that have fulfilled commissions across the country. The Australian design ethic has grown into a world beating vocabulary and our firm has grown with this movement. The use of innovative synthetic materials to compliment the natural beauty of locally grown woods and creating interior spaces that blend outward into the outdoors is the essence of the Australian way of building homes.

From Bondi to the Gold Coast, Toowong architects Loucas Zahos has set out plans that have been have melded contemporary form, infused with the personalities of each client and organically connecting landscape with interiors.

When you chose to engage with our firm to create the visualisation for your bespoke home you will be engaging a resource that connects the local and the global, the finest of what the profession of architecture has to offer. Contact Loucas Zahos Architects today to unlock the possibilities.


Create Your Own Lifestyle With A Home That Sets The Stage

When you work with Loucas Zahos Architects to envision and design your home you will blend the landscape and interior to give vitality to your life and embodiment of your soul. Join with us in the adventure of putting your mark on the landscape and creating your facet of the community. When you are ready to make the move that leads to turning the earth and raising the roof it is time to connect with award winning Toowong architects Loucas Zahos.

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Our Profile

At Loucas Zahos, it is our approach that sets us apart – quality with commercial success. As a results driven service, ideas are our currency and a challenge always represents the opportunity for strategic growth and design. It is this mind-set that has enabled us to continually break new ground and remain at the forefront of our industry for more than two decades. >