The impact of minimalism on residential house design

16 Sep 2014

The style and individuality that bespoke design from a Brisbane firm adds to the value of the finished home is character beyond mere financial worth.

The use of the simple geometry of minimalist architectural designs contrasts with the organic landscape. That juxtaposition accentuates the best of both, far more than traditional home design.

It has long been conventional for homes to be built in geometric shapes. After all, the materials in common use are most cost effective in their simplest rectangular block, beam and panel forms. Land has its natural flowing contours but it’s divided into lots that are much more geometric. If there is no natural feature that defines the boundaries, the legal ownership of land tends to be parceled out in four sided allotments.

The Choice of Residential Architect

What you see today in the finest bespoke residences would be easily recognisable to the founders of modernism, such as Lloyd-Wright, Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. However, there is timelessness to the minimalism of modernist building designs. It’s simplicity in design that throws off the fads and assumptions of homes that have less character. When you decide to employ a residential architect, Brisbane benefits from the added visual impact, even for the most modest project.

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Maximum Impact from Minimalist Modernism

A seasoned residential architect can read the site for its contours and design potential, making choices of what to emphasize and what to contrast. The building will be geometrically aligned for lighting and presentation. Simple features become focal points, as there is no detracting artifice of which to speak.

The simplicity of the minimalist building demonstrates itself. Those things that must be included are the vertices formed by the lines and planes. Floor to ceiling glass brings in the viewer from outside, as if viewing a diagram of a living space. Interior and exterior can be blurred into continuous shapes that leverage the garden space for feature value, along with the furnishings.

Inspiration at the Heart

Let’s hope that modernist and minimalist geometric styling doesn’t become so common as to become a tired cliché. With luck it will be part of the built environment, without its innate newness becoming dated. With time and wise use, it can be the source of inspiration for creative architect-inspired living as it was intended and timeless in its contemporary style.

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