Our Taringa architects are the perfect choice for your design project

There is a long history of successful Taringa architects that has inspired the modern practice of local professionals Loucas Zahos.

While the styles may have evolved over the decades the influence is there, along with the pride of heritage.

Loucas Zahos Architects are a Brisbane firm of award winning residential architects and building designers, who know the culture of Queensland and the importance of creating residential concepts that match style to liveability.


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Historic Brisbane And Taringa Architects Echo In Queensland Culture Today

Taringa and surrounding suburbs such as Toowong and Indooroopilly are established communities.

They have wonderful examples of Queenslander architecture as well as important representations of mid-century modern and the contemporary international style, of which Taringa architects such as Loucas Zahos are so creative in emulating.

As old homes become new again by refurbishment, expansion and replacement it gives added depth to the aesthetic quality of the neighbourhood and an added dimension to liveability.

There are many options around Brisbane for luxury living; the ultimate choice is to work with Loucas Zahos Architects to find a Taringa architects solution that puts your personal mark of distinction on the landscape.


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Award Winning Residential Products In Brisbane

There is vast potential for what can be done with imagination and a deep knowledge of the context of Taringa and other inner suburbs of historic Brisbane.

This fact is amply demonstrated at a residence on Stanley Terrace, appropriately named the Taringa House; it is an award-winning implementation of refurbishment and expansion of a four-room worker’s cottage, delivered by our Taringa architects.

The design and conceptual work that put this beautiful masterpiece on the map was all the result of the work of Loucas Zahos Architects. Who have been recognised in the media and within the profession as creating original and beautiful concepts of homes that get built and that set the standard in world-class design.

The process of building your own home is closer at hand than one might think. By working with architectural professionals your home will progress from idea to plan, to approved project to a vision of beauty that dominates the land and reflects your desires, needs and values in physical form.


For Bespoke Suburban Brisbane Residential Design Speak To The Best

Queensland has a long history and tradition of refined architecture. Taringa is a well-established Brisbane suburb and yet it is thriving still and developing anew as the rich heritage is revitalised and conserved.

The refurbishment of traditional Queenslander and austere structures continues to breath life into this charming built environment.

There is a distinct advantage in retaining a firm of world-class architects with intimate local knowledge; you will receive a personal service of the highest standard.

To discuss working with Loucas Zahos Architects or simply to discuss the history and importance of historic Taringa architects contact us today.

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