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Residential architecture envisioned and designed by Sunshine Coast award winning architects Loucas Zahos forms a destination and a dream for the individualistic and ambitious alike. There is not one stereotype into which you can generalise the clientele of Loucas Zahos.

Conformist and iconoclast and the entire spectrum of personality between have successfully retained our firm for their residential designs. We have worked with each to ensure full satisfaction and look forward to the opportunity to do the same for you as well.

The firm of Loucas Zahos Architects is a native firm of Queensland and we draw on our proud Queenslander roots as well as world-class design experience to bring dreams of residential paradise to life. Contact our office in Brisbane to find out what we have done for residents of the Sunshine Coast and its sparkling suburbs, and what we might create for your habitat and enjoyment.


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Sunshine Coast Award Winning Architects To Express The Sunshine Coast Culture

The difference between buying a home, however nice it may be, and having a residence designed to your personal specifications is like night and day. When you decide to live your life with the priorities and values that you have formed over a lifetime, when you have worked so hard to achieve success, you owe it to yourself, your family and your heirs to create a living legacy that reflects all for which you have worked.

Loucas Zahos Architects will work closely with you in collaboration to create the residence you desire and deserve. We deliver your future home in a way that reflects your personality, the setting and the latest most exciting trends in architecture. With a home designed by Sunshine Coast award winning architects Loucas Zahos, you will awaken each morning to a celebration of style.


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Home Of The Queenslander

Queensland has always had its own quirky ideas of design. These are more practical than at first observation you might recognise. The quintessential Queenslander home is a form adapted to its climate and culture. It is practical and cosy, yet friendly and hospitable to the outside world. At Sunshine Coast award winning architects Loucas Zahos we have built their practice based on the values that are at the very core of the local architectural culture.

Queensland is a microcosm of the culture formed in the British Empire. After extended adaptation and reconciliation the region of the Sunshine Coast has become at home with itself and receptive to the influences of the modern world. This openness is born of a confidence in the identity that has developed under the nurturing of beautiful but rugged landscapes and shoreline. The temperature sets the pace in life, at times fast and at others, languid.


Build Your Home In Your Own Style

This is a land and a people that have found a voice and a place in the world. Balancing the casual beachside romance of the past with the vibrant energy of the future. To join in the halcyon lifestyle of suburban sun, sand and residential living, consider the finest architectural option in Sunshine Coast award winning architects Loucas Zahos.

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Our Profile

At Loucas Zahos, it is our approach that sets us apart – quality with commercial success. As a results driven service, ideas are our currency and a challenge always represents the opportunity for strategic growth and design. It is this mind-set that has enabled us to continually break new ground and remain at the forefront of our industry for more than two decades. >