Look to our Sunshine Coast architects for bespoke coastal living

Drawing from the natural surroundings of a beautiful and sunny landscape, whilst recalling the best of design and materials is the driving passion behind Sunshine Coast architects Loucas Zahos.

The firm is a native Queensland enterprise, a firm that has the resources and vision to create homes, and other buildings that are truly a fit to the surf and inland beauty of the Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast, as with the rest of Queensland, is an inspirational place to work due to the diversity of climate, natural settings and the blossoming built environment. The growth of the region has had the good fortune to spread organically. It has given us the blessings that make life worth living.


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Climate Environment And The Elements Of Architecture

That is the inspired spirit in which the firm of Loucas Zahos Architects designs bespoke residential forms and structures. By drawing on the natural surroundings and the rustic past of the region we create the plans for homes that are modern and eclectic whilst returning to the roots of the Australian way of living.

There are many houses available that will serve the needs of residents adequately. For those who wish for something more, working with Sunshine Coast Architects Loucas Zahos enables the creation of a personal and unique home, unlike any other.

When you next consider commissioning the design of your next home look to Loucas Zahos to provide the architectural vision that draws inspiration from the land the sea and your own personal heritage.


Loucas Zahos Sunshine Coast Architects In Practice

We have worked diligently to develop our reputation in our years of service by bringing experience with passion and by catering to the specific needs of our clients. We start our relationship with you by listening.

For every project we apply the core knowledge and wisdom built over year in practice. We take into account the needs of the client, their personality and likes and blend a unique and eclectic for the building we design to fit their purposes. It is the balancing of practical utility and spatial enumeration.


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Organic and Insightful Architecture From Loucas Zahos

By applying the knowledge of past projects and continuing to learn and grow through our relationship with clients develops, we blend each experience to make the next better. As this has been part of the Loucas Zahos philosophy from the beginning you will benefit from our fully developed experience in your new home

Whether you are currently residing on the Sunshine Coast or you are an interested overseas investor you can evoke the spirit of Queensland in your future bespoke home with the full assistance of Sunshine Coast Architects Loucas Zahos.


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Our Profile

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