Choose our Milton architects for your next design project

With a bespoke residential design by award winning Milton architects Loucas Zahos you will fit right into the contemporary landscape of the inner suburb that Milton has become.

A rapid growth rate and a sense of Australian self-confidence have helped to make this community the place to be.

Milton is a mature suburb that still has room to grow and evolve. You get the benefits of both urban and suburban living in this community on the edge of the hills above the Brisbane River. As a location there is much to it that lends it to a new-built home.

With greenery and views as well as all of the urban amenities you might wish for, who could blame you to clear the ground and start a fresh with a home that makes the most of the landscape and the climate.


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The Contemporary Brisbane Vernacular

Building designers and architects in Brisbane have learned to take advantage of the idyllic climate and geography. It has afforded the luxury to design homes that take the practical and the aesthetic and blend them into domestic habitats. This is something that Loucas Zahos Architects have mastered and can create for you in Milton, or in any other of the lifestyle-fulfilling suburbs of Queensland.

The most advantageous feature of a mature community that has a long history of architectural is that there is character in abundance and plenty of contrast and context from which to create a truly organic extension to the neighbourhood. Loucas Zahos are highly skilled and experienced at matching character, personality and contemporary style into each location for which we design a home.


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The Heart Of The Land Of The Queenslander Home

Because of its climate and the lifestyle that has emerged over the decades of occupation, Milton and the surrounding communities have tremendous potential for revitalisation and rehabilitation. The quintessential home, the Queenslander is nowhere more in abundance than here. These veranda-bearing timber constructed homes are the historic forerunners of the contemporary homes of Milton architects. They are express the sense of practicality that make them as relevant today as any time in the last 170 years.

The lessons learned in the architecture of the Queenslander home, which is so particular to this state combine with the minimalism of international modernism to give the home field advantage to Milton architects such as Loucas Zahos. When you are ready to have a home designed to best fit your lifestyle and the Queensland climate connect with Loucas Zahos Architects as the collaborators in the creation of your contemporary home.


Blending The Modern And Traditional

Loucas Zahos Architects have built a practice by listening to our clients and drawing on local and global influences to create homes that are as unique as the land on which they sit. The influence of the Queensland lifestyle and climate has driven a strong architectural tradition that pulls the outdoors right into the living areas of the home.

The use of materials such as glass, tile and locally sourced woods help to create light and open plan spaces in which your life can happen. Contact Loucas Zahos, award winning Milton architects today to satisfy your curiosity or to set the ball rolling.

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