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To classify the city of the Gold Coast architects need to look around the world for suitable comparisons.

That is because there is a class of city in the world that has several key characteristics: The beach, the protected waterway, the long strand of land on which modern spires pierce the skyline. These are the metropolises such as Miami and Dubai but also the Australian city of the Gold Coast.

This is Queensland’s second city and a jewel that is rapidly forming and growing in all directions, including into the adjacent state of New South Wales, on which it borders. There is an excellent justification for including this beautiful coastal hub amongst the elite of the beach cities of the world: It has the modernity and charm that comes from the roots on the beach. A heritage from the tourist trade that has attracted investors from around the world as well as Australians eager to settle near to the seaside, the nightlife and the natural surroundings beyond the urban centre.


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Gold Coast Architects Design Unique Residences

When you choose the Gold Coast as your destination and homestead there is a wonderful opportunity to make a statement about who you are and how you express your own particular version of the Gold Coast lifestyle. The Gold Coast architects at Loucas Zahos are residential designers who know the communities of Queensland and Gold Coast. We are a Queensland based firm and we know the region as our own.

Meet with Loucas Zahos architects to learn how we can blend your life and aesthetic into a bespoke home. We will design a home that will represent the best of the Gold Coast and your place within it, with an abode that represents your personal values.

Loucas Zahos have won awards and been celebrated within the profession as designers of homes and multi-home dwellings. The needs of every client are unique in values and in budget, so we work with all levels of dreams and pocket books.


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Waterfront Paradise On Both Sides

The Gold coast is the ultimate location for water sport there is surfing at a beach called Paradise, the canals offer protected boating and living right on the water. To get the most of the water based Gold Coast lifestyle you need to have Gold Coast architects that are familiar and experienced in translating the needs of clients into the local style and materials.


When Is Now A Good Time?

There is no time like the present to build your own home, one that will remain for generations as a monument to your achievements and to your sense of style. To make your mark and to establish the life that you have dreamed, Loucas Zahos are the Gold Coast architects that will bring your personal vision to life.

Opening the Gates to the Benefits of Green Design

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Australia’s Newest Trends of Multi-Residential Architecture

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Our Profile

At Loucas Zahos, it is our approach that sets us apart – quality with commercial success. As a results driven service, ideas are our currency and a challenge always represents the opportunity for strategic growth and design. It is this mind-set that has enabled us to continually break new ground and remain at the forefront of our industry for more than two decades. >