Brisbane award winning architects for bespoke architecture and design

When you choose a firm of Brisbane award winning architects to design your next home you are committing to the character and soul of the region as expressed through the built environment.

The firm of choice has to be Loucas Zahos Architects, the award winners in residential Queensland home design. Our years of experience and local knowledge have enabled us to provide you with a visual and spatial dialogue between the terrain, materials and international modernist aesthetic that had driven world home design.

The combination of local Queensland tradition and the latest in architectural trends combine to give an exceptional built environment. Whether you are seeking a second home, investment property or a Queensland homestead for the future, Loucas Zahos Architects bring wisdom and knowledge resources, as well as vision to every bespoke design that we create.


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Loucas Zahos Brisbane Award Winning Architects

Whilst we remain committed to Queensland and the Brisbane culture, we have had the honour of deploying our creative talents across the state. When you look to the regions of growth and development you are seeing the environment in which this firm thrives. Brisbane is a rapidly growing city and we have been involved in redevelopment and new build construction projects that have increased the capacity and the energy of the region.

There has been a continuous growth of the Queensland community and economy. It has driven the growth of our knowledge base and direct experience in the development process. As Brisbane award winning architects, Loucas Zahos will provide the finest home designs to establish your place in the community and cultural map.


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Australian Architecture Covers A Lot Of Ground

From the brick-faced and tiled suburban uniformity of the post war austerity, to today’s almost unlimited choice of style and materials, there is a range of designs that runs the entire spectrum. When you commission Brisbane award winning architects Loucas Zahos to design your next home you will receive the benefit of the knowledge of a world-class architectural firm.

Australian architecture leads the world in style and design both for residential and commercial real estate. The rapid development of the economy and infrastructure of large cities, such as Brisbane, has driven a cultural growth that is paired with rising expectations and pocket books. Loucas Zahos Architects is both a product of that cultural transition and a driving force to continue the evolution of modernity.


Work With Brisbane Architects Who Know The Terrain

When you are ready to commission a home that is uniquely yours, and specifically designed to fit your habitat into the geography and community of Queensland, one that is specially designed to give the most comfortable and stylish accommodation for your budget, it is time to connect with Loucas Zahos the Brisbane award winning architects to build a vision that evokes the home of your dreams.

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Our Profile

At Loucas Zahos, it is our approach that sets us apart – quality with commercial success. As a results driven service, ideas are our currency and a challenge always represents the opportunity for strategic growth and design. It is this mind-set that has enabled us to continually break new ground and remain at the forefront of our industry for more than two decades. >