Australia’s Sustainability Awards

01 Jun 2015

Architects, product manufacturers, and designers are familiarising themselves with the importance and significance of creating a more sustainable landscape for Australia where they can design and build structures that are environmentally friendly. This is inclusive of building structures that are:

  • Efficient in the usage and utilisation of power, water, and energy
  • Efficient in waste reduction and management by using non-toxic and non-synthetic materials
  • Efficient in the usage of materials and space

This year’s sustainability awards will focus on showcasing Australia’s buildings, companies, and products that are direct contributors of making the landscape of the country more sustainable and ecological.

These awards are an excellent platform for bringing together not only Australia’s leading suppliers and designers but also those practitioners who focus their efforts towards sustainably built projects, so that the leading projects can be awarded and recognised, to establish ground for more awareness about this practice, and also the changes that are occurring in the field of architecture.

The nominations are open up till July 9, 2015, and here are four good reasons for you to participate and enter your project into the awards:


Advertising and Publicity

All projects that are short listed will be displayed on architecture and design and will feature in the infolink Building Products News (BPN) magazine. This is an opportunity for all selected architects and designers to be showcased in Australia’s most prized publication in the area of building products and applications, which has been in operation since 1967.

This platform is good publicity especially for upcoming designers to get noticed as the winners and shortlisted candidates will be featured in press releases that will be circulated far and wide in the country.



All shortlisted candidates will receive an initiation to a gala dinner held in honour of the awards in the month of October. This will be an important platform for networking and communication opportunities to enhance their profiles and build contacts and stay connected with their peers and mentors in the industry.


A Program That Is One of Its Kind

The Sustainability Awards program is the most acknowledged and prestigious awarding platform in our country, Australia, in the field of sustainability and eco-friendly building. The judgement criteria of the program are also special and unique, where the jury holds debates and in-depth discussions on each and every project that gets shortlisted for careful evaluation, so that only the best and most innovative sustainable projects can be awarded.


Learning Development and Inspiration from Other Projects

Displaying creativity and innovation in designs and having their work and effort recognised by a mass audience is not the only reason for architects and designers to participate in these awards. Taking part in Australia’s sustainability awards of 2015 is a way for candidates to get inspired by other projects that are focused on enhancing sustainability. This way, they will be able to enhance and develop their learning base and be more aware about the sustainability initiatives being undertaken by others in the same industry.

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