Our architects in Brisbane bring character To bespoke residential design

Brisbane has a wealth of architectural references on which to draw. In residential building design there is an entire vocabulary of styles that can give reference to the planning of a bespoke residence.

By drawing on Australia’s heritage and from personal ideas of what makes a home liveable, architects in Brisbane can create a home that, whilst looking like no other, hints of those elements of design and past structures that give it a welcoming façade and a lively and interesting interior in which to live.

Contemporary living has many references and both architects in Brisbane and the clients they serve can start from new or renovate, remodel and wrap around. Taking what is given and adding to it, to come up with a solution for the particular needs of each client. Regardless if it a pre-existing structure or purchased off the plan, you will find that a bit of creativity will ignite your vision.


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Twentieth Century Modernist Style Informs Architects in Brisbane

It is often difficult to know the true origins of a home’s structure and creation. That which appears old might be relatively new or appearing new, surprisingly historic. The styles of the twentieth century were extremely diverse and changed so that, assuming the structure is original, you could put it to a general period. But that period might not align with an historic progression as nostalgia and pretense would capriciously appear like waves.

Austere post war modernism made a mark on many Australian suburbs of the 1950s and 1960s. Homes with fallbacks that make you think of Tetris, gabled roofs, and low brick walls at the boundaries that were an easy leap for the dog. In contemporary design, architects in Brisbane are content to take the best of the past and ignore the rest.

Many of those styles that were tedious and drab in their original contexts have nostalgic associations for the people who grew up with them. It never hurts to add a bit of what you love into the mix for an eclectic nod to personal heritage. The team at Loucas Zahos Architects understand that their creations should reflect the personalities and histories of the owners that commission the homes that they design. With the influence of historic character, modern materials and functionality a contemporary home design can be as spectacular as it is welcoming.


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Character In Home Design With A Hint Of Nostalgia

Not every one wishes to have a vast estate. There is a school of thought that values quality over quantity in residential design, the Queenslander over the McMansion. The wonder of contemporary architecture is the variety of styles, sources and materials. As the region has grown in population and in prosperity Loucas Zahos have had many opportunities to create new designs and to restore structures to glory.

The Sunshine Coast has the affluence to make the demand for new and exciting visual expressions. Have a house with a bit of character and make it your home directly off the plan. Loucas Zahos is the experienced and creative choice for architects in Brisbane to guide you to an arrival that is also a personal homecoming.

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